What we offer

MAD Recycling Polska ltd. collects, sorts and manages both non-hazardous and hazardous waste – PERMITS

Our services are available to commercial entities, purchase and collection points, production plants, private individuals and public entities. We are technically and legally fully prepared to carry out the tasks of waste collection and management.

We treat each potential supplier individually, adjusting the technical facilities and price to their requirements. After getting acquainted with the specific production process and the volume of waste generated, we propose custom-made equipment solutions according to our suppliers’ needs.

Waste collection

Waste collection includes:

– WASTE PAPER, including:

  • 1.02 – mixed waste paper
  • 1.04 – corrugated paper and board packaging
  • 1.11 – sorted graphic paper for deinking
  • 1.06 – Magazines without glue – magazines printed on glossy chalky paper (monthly, weekly newspapers)
  • 3.02 – Mixed lightly coloured woodfree printer shavings, containing at least 90 % wood-free paper
  • 3.04 – White woodfree lightly printed shavings without glue, free from wet-strength paper and paper coloured in the mass
  • 3.05 – Sorted white woodfree writing papers, originating from office records, free from cash books, carbon paper and non-water soluble adhesives
  • 3.10 – Lightly printed woodfree coated papers in sheets or trim, free from wet-strength paper and from paper coloured in the mass
  • 3.11/3.12 – New cuttings of printed white multiply board, containing woodfree or wood containing plies, but without grey and brown plies
  • 3.14/3.15 – Offcuts and sheets of unprinted newsprint and coated or uncoated wood pulp paper
  • 3.16 – Offcuts and sheets of white coated unprinted wood-free paper, without an adhesive
  • 3.18 – Offcuts and sheets of white unprinted wood-free, non-coated, non-adhesive paper and other graphic and packaging papers

– PLASTIC WASTE, including:

  • PE films
  • HDPE hard plastics
  • PP
  • Other waste plastics

Industrial waste

We manage industrial waste from the following sectors: automotive; transport; food processing; furniture; chemicals; printing, etc.


The collected waste is sorted and baled using facilities located in Paterek  and transported to paper mills or plastic recyclers, where the waste is recycled, thus creating new value.

Hazardous waste

We are also looking for solutions for any possible waste categorized as hazardous, working together with partners that dispose of or recycle any waste, thus ensuring we make a real contribution to the protection of the natural environment. We have effective waste management solutions that take into account economic factors, logistical constraints, environmental safety and legal requirements.

Specialist staff

Trust and professionalism are ensured by an experienced and qualified staff of specialists. We also provide our suppliers with the opportunity to fulfil statutory obligations in the field of waste management through circulating DPO/DPR documents.